The Federal Community Service Block Grant (CSBG) is flexible dollars that can be used to support activities designed to lessen poverty in communities, assist low-income, elderly, migrant and seasonal farm workers, and provide services addressing employment, education, housing, nutrition, emergency services and health.

Community Action Kentucky works in partnership with the Commonwealth's Cabinet for Health and Family Services and the local community action agencies to achieve the following 3 broad anti-poverty Results-Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) goals, which guides the Community Services Network.

Goal 1: Individuals and families with low incomes are stable and achieve economic security.

Goal 2: Communities where people with low incomes live are healthy and offer economic opportunity.

Goal 3: People with low incomes are engaged and active in building opportunities in communities.

The local Community Action Agencies report quarterly on outcomes attained for each of these goals for low-income individuals, communities and agency:

  • increased self-sufficiency;
  • improved living conditions;
  • ownership of and pride in their communities; and
  • strong family and support systems.

ROMA, a performance based initiative promoting outcome-based management strategies, was designed to preserve the anti-poverty focus of community action and to promote greater effectiveness among state and local agencies receiving CSBG funds. ROMA incorporates the use of outcomes or results into the administration, management and operation of community action agencies.

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