Whitesburg1The Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP) is a national nonprofit working to ensure rural communities throughout the United States have access to safe drinking water and sanitary waste disposal. RCAP's programs are targeted to rural communities with populations of fewer than 10,000 people. It specializes in building the capacity of rural residents of communities with populations under 3,300. Community Action Kentucky receives funding through the regional Great Lakes RCAP office and USDA Rural Development to operate RCAP in Kentucky.

Kentucky services are available to elected officials, utility owners and operators, community leaders, and others living in rural communities. Many RCAP services are provided at NO COST. Although the specific services that Kentucky RCAP provides is dependent upon the needs of the individual community, they vary from conducting needs assessments, rate studies, and environmental reports to project administration. 

Typical services include the following:

  • Energy Audits
  • GIS/GPS Services
  • Project Development
  • Management and Financing
  • Asset Management
  • Environmental Reports
  • Compliance with regulatory and funding agencies
  • Training for Local Officials and Operators
  • Rate Analysis
  • Grant Writing
  • Grant Administration

RCAP Perusing Plans


With its roots firmly planted across the Commonwealth, Kentucky RCAP is forging ahead.  Over the next several years, RCAP will continue to expand its current services to meet the growing demand for assistance to keep our communities sustainable.





 Kentucky RCAP Staff 

Kimberly H. Padgett - State Director

Adam Bourque - Technical Assistance Provider

Melissa A. Melton - Technical Assistance Provider

Maggie Mahan - Technical Assistance Provider

Jared Schmal - Technical Assistance Provider

Chris Wells - Technical Assistance Provider


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