WX Logo1The Weatherization Assistance Program was created under Title IV of the Energy Conservation and Production Act of 1976. Community Action Kentucky, in partnership with Kentucky Housing Corporation, administers the Federal Weatherization Assistance Program in Kentucky through its network of 23 community action agencies with offices located in all 120 counties in Kentucky.

The purpose of the Weatherization program is to install energy efficiency measures such as insulation and air sealing to reduce a home's energy consumption and lower the household's utility costs. On average, low income families pay a greater percentage of their income towards their utility costs.  With rising energy costs and declining incomes, families struggle to meet their utility cost responsibilities. The Weatherization program provides a more long term solution to help meet that need.

Each measure that is installed in a home must be certified as cost effective through the National Energy Audit Tool software that each certified evaluator must complete on each home. This means that the cost of the measure must not exceed the savings that the measure will provide the household over the lifetime of the measure.

How do I apply?

Applications are taken for Weatherization at the local community action agency office in each county. Interested applicants should contact their local office for application procedures. All approved applications are placed on a waiting list and prioritized according to multiple metrics. The demand for Weatherization is great so it is not uncommon for applicants to be on the waiting list for several months.

Facts about Weatherization:

  • Weatherization saves $437 in heating and cooling costs year after year at current prices. Savings are higher still if lighting and appliances are upgraded.
  • Energy savings due to Weatherization average 35% of consumption for the typical low-income home.
  • For every $1 invested in the program, Weatherization returns $2.51 to the household and society (of that, $1.80 is returned in reduced energy bills and $0.71 is returned to ratepayers, households, and communities).

Important Note:

Not all households that are income eligible for the program live in homes that are good candidates for the Weatherization program.  Trained evaluators will make that determination when the energy audit is scheduled.